Esports Gear partner with UK Scouting Grounds Midlane MVP / by Rowan Smith

UK gaming peripherals online retailer, Esports Gear, have announced their new partnership with League of Legends mid laner and rising star, Corey Beeley. After impressing at last year’s UK Scouting Grounds and earning MVP honours from analysts covering the event, Beeley is poised to become a breakout talent in 2018.


“We’re extremely excited to work with Corey. We recognise his huge potential and desire to become a top name. Our ethos is ‘gaming gear for the people’ - we are a community before we are a business, and we’ll continue to support young rising stars and grass roots UK esports talent, investing in the growth of our community.” said Mark Laurie, director at Esports Gear. “Our team are all UK-based gamers, so we see the importance of investing domestically. We’re building a community who are supporting UK-based indie specialists like ourselves, rather than global corporations like Amazon.” added Laurie.


Beeley Social Post.jpg


The sponsorship was brokered by Beeley’s agents at The Esports Agency. Rowan Smith, Managing Director of TESA UK, said “We’ve known for a while now that Beeley has a great future within League of Legends in the UK, and this commitment from Esports Gear is set to be the first in a long line of opportunities for the player. We fully believe in developing partnerships between British businesses and our pros, and we’re confident that this deal will attract real interest in the UK scene long-term.”


Beeley wrapped up with, “It’s great to work with like-minded gamers who have a genuine passion for the industry. We have big plans, and my Twitch followers can already gain access to perks, such as free next day delivery and exclusive deals. Head over to”


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