Welcome to TESA! / by Rowan Smith

Well, this is exciting.

After months of planning, testing and questioning our sanity, The eSports Agency UK is finally here. TESA represents something new - a traditional sports representation agency as you may have seen before, but this time dedicated exclusively to promoting and protecting eSports talent in the UK and abroad.

Over the past few years we have seen our industry grow from a pastime into a global phenomenon, generating enormous amounts of interest from players, teams and businesses the world over. Pursuing a career as a professional gamer is a more secure option than ever, as we couldn't be more thrilled.

That being said, difficulties still arise even as the industry continues to grow exponentially. Players struggle to connect with the communities and career pathways that aim to give them the chance to make it in the pros. Teams still have difficulties in sourcing the best talent, and disputes over contracts are still frequent. If our best talent is to make it on the world stage and if participation in eSports is to continue to accelerate, both players and teams need support protection.

That is where TESA comes in. Our mission is to apply the same level of professionalism and expertise seen in other industries to eSports, ensuring that players get the help that they need in finding a team, negotiating their contract and securing their future within the game. We understand that you would rather be grinding through ranked play than spending hours on the phone arguing over image rights and travel expenses and (to be honest) so would we, but we're happy to take that hit for you.

If you're a free agent, a pro looking for representation or simply an interested amateur looking to start their career, hit Contact Us at the top of the page or get in touch directly at rowan@tesauk.com or on +447538960615. There's no cost and no obligation when it comes to speaking with us, and we would love to help you to make an impression on the most exciting sports circuit in the world.

Thank you for reading.

Rowan Smith

Managing Director, TESAUK LTD