Based on the principle of "free to play, not pay to win" and designed from early strategy mods of Warcraft 3, Riot Games' flagship MOBA has steadily grown to become the premiere eSports platform in the world.


League of Legends pits teams of five players against one another, working with endless waves of allied minions to take down enemy players, minions and structures with the end goal of destroying their opponent's base. To aid them, players have access to an ever-expanding and diverse roster of champions, items and abilities, creating a dynamic competitive scene in which mastering your assigned role is the key to success.

League Circuit

Building on the success of League, Riot Games now support an extensive competitive circuit around the world which has catapulted some of the best players into the public eye. Names like Faker, Uzi and Caps alongside dominant teams such as SKT and Samsung Galaxy grow more prominent by the year, and with online streams of the major tournaments available globally the interest in League of Legends is accelerating rapidly.

World Championships

Once a year the best League teams compete for the world title, which commands a global audience and a substantial prize pool. Over the past few years Korean and Chinese dominance has been assured, but with the likes of Misfits and Fnatic representing Europe and expanded wild card entry systems their time may be cut short soon. If you're a League of Legends player on the competitive circuit, Worlds is the final target.

Free to play and easily accessible, League of Legends offers the chance to progress from the bottom of the eSports ladder to the chance at competing against the best in the world. If you are a League player and are looking to build a career as a professional or are an established player in need of representation, call us or fill in the form below and get in touch today.

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