Psyonix's award-winning driving/football hybrid Rocket League is the spiritual successor to the best-named game in eSports history: Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars.

Why they didn't call it SARPBC 2 is and always will be beyond us.


Rocket League games consist of teams of between 1 and 4 players controlling miniaturised cars (customised to their own designs, of course), trying to score goals by ramming into the oversized football in the centre of the field. Boost pickups and jets allow cars to fly briefly as well as run up the side walls of the arena, while colliding with an opponent at speed will eliminate them from the game for a short while.


The Big Leagues

The eSports face of Rocket League is run through the RLCS, featuring two-tier franchise leagues for North American and European teams. With the world tournaments finishing the year off in style and large prize pools available for winning teams, one of the industry's unsung heroes is now here to stay.


UK Reception

Rocket League is the fastest-growing eSport game in the UK and new features as part of the GFinity live show on BBC3. Quick, cheap and fun to play, the growth of Rocket League is leading to more high-profile organisations including teams for the in their lineups.

With teams including Paris St Germain, NV and Cloud9 now fielding Rocket League eSports lineups there has never been a better time to carve out a career as a Rocket League pro. If you're an established player looking for representation or to find out more about how we can get you started, please call us or fill in the form below to get involved today.

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